Sessions & Investment

All my sessions are specialized to the clients needs.LRIMG_4243

Please contact me to inquire about more details and possibilities for sessions.

Generally a session takes about 1-2hours, but extended modeling portfolio sessions are also available, which can take up to 4h and allow multiple outfit and backdrop or location changes.

What to wear

Keep clothing simple, avoid large logos/slogans & busy patterns. With siblings, choose complimenting colors or different tones of the same color, matching outfits make most sense for twins, each child has a different personality and it should show in their outfit as well.

Layered outfits & colours, bare feet & denim jeans work well. Even your child’s favorite boots or dress up outfit can capture the personality and who they were at this time in their life very well.

Newborns are best photographed in their birthday suit, so no need to worry too much about clothing for them,

one or two outfits, just a knitted hat or headband will be fine.

Props & locations

If you choose a studio set up session in your home, any of your child’s favorite toys or even pet can be incorporated in         the portrait.

Outdoor sessions can be the most customized, as they will most likely be in a location you hold dear or visit often. Key is    that your child is comfortable, both with location and me, the photographer. I take pride in taking my time to get to know your little one and make sure he or she will not be scared around me.

As with most other occasions, I recommend to limit sugar intake before a session, to keep tantrums to a minimum and the already hyper nature of children a bit tamed. (Trust me, as a mother of a little boy I know all too well how easy it is to   get distracted and nearly impossible to sit still and smile for a second, yet alone follow instructions of a stranger or    mommy and daddy in the background)

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